A lot of Baby Boomers are leaving their family home in search of another home that works better for their current lifestyle. In fact, that was the case for my husband and I. And it took some soul-searching for both of us to decide exactly what we needed and wanted in our next home. Also, […]

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Boomer Home

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Whether you are staying in your current home or moving, if you are like lots of Boomers, you are planning to remodel your kitchen. It’s a big undertaking. Kitchen remodels cost real money, and along with bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to remodel in your home. So as a designer who has created lots of kitchens for clients and two for myself, let me share with you my six most important tips for your new kitchen design.

6 Important Tips for Your Kitchen Design

Are you living in a home that makes you look old, feel old, and is no longer working for your life?