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Wondering whether you should redecorate, remodel, or move to get the home you want?

Stop the worry-you’ve got more important things to do.
Like living life to the fullest now!

You're ready to...

Have a space for memorable family and friend gatherings.
Enjoy a revitalizing, luxury retreat of your very own.
Pursue all of your favorite activities on your bucket list.
Show everyone that you’re not about to slow down anytime soon!

There’s no time like the present to make your home your new favorite place to live!

When you book a Home Survey Call, you’ll find out how to live well in your home for your 50+ life!

1. Schedule a
home survey call

2. Have a Clear Plan
of Action

3. Maximize Your
Home’s Potential

You’ll send me some photos, answer some questions, and then we’ll have an in-depth conversation on an online call.

You’ll receive inspiring recommendations to tailor one to three rooms in your current or new home to fit your lifestyle.

Your home will stand the test of time for how you live now and in the future, and you’ll get back to savoring the good life!

Does your home need a little nip-tuck, a facelift, or a full transplant?

With my Home Survey consultation call, you’ll have a clear plan of action so your home is future-ready,  regret-proof, and stylishly shows everyone that you’re living life to the fullest!

You’ll Receive:

Your Investment: $847

Your Real Investment: No longer having to worry about how your home will serve you for the rest of your life, and no more time wasted in a lackluster space that isn’t fitting your lifestyle now.

An online conference call for up to 90 minutes, plus a recording, so you can review your consultation as many times as you need to, plus a full report of the recommendations made.

A report of the recommended redecorating or remodeling suggestions for one to three rooms so your home is future-ready and tailored for the life you live now.


Practical solutions that address your home’s compatibility for long-term concerns, and eliminate any risk factors that may be present in your home.


A comprehensive guide to decluttering your home so you can stop being weighed down by the stuff that no longer serves you.



Tips for hiring contractors and other pros so you can have them work on your home with confidence.


"Our home presented challenges in the size and layout. Marlene helped us maximize the inherent beauty of our latest home. I'm so happy there is no need to keep shopping…'s beautifully finished and we like the sense of completion! After Marlene redesigned both of our homes, what we most appreciate is the pleasure we receive from living in such pleasant surroundings. "
-Tracey S.

"We used Marlene for our small but complex "grandparent" house build  out.  She was presented with a tight (850-sq ft) space constraint that needed to be
designed for comfortable, yet utilitarian living. Our builder commented that he had never worked with such a thorough, professional set of design specifications! Her work was of the highest quality and we are thrilled with the finished product."
-Roy W.

"We asked Marlene to redesign our Living Room, Library, Dining Room, Entryway and Master Bedroom in time for a major Christmas party at our new home. She has a process and follows it. She is a very good listener and we were really proud of the results--and it was a great party!"
-Holly R.

What Clients Are Saying...

Are you living in a home that makes you look old, feel old, and is no longer working for your life?

Do you really want to wait until you’re 80 to decide if your home is ready for your future?




You’ll gain peace of mind from strategic suggestions that ensure your home will live smarter and easier for your best life.

We’ll rethink how you use your home, making sure you have a list of must-haves and discards so each room works for your lifestyle.

We’ll strategize your style to help you create spaces that suit the way you live now, beautifully.

When you schedule a Future-Proof-Your Home Survey, you’ll have a plan for the three Boomer Home Essentials so each room works for your life.

And I know what it’s like to be an empty nester-I am one! I’ve been through the process of deciding how our home now needs to function and understand being faced with determining whether to stay or move, how to repurpose a room, and how to whittle down the overwhelming product choices available!

I’ve done it for a lot of Boomer clients…and I can do the same for you!

Hi, I’m Marlene!

Intrigued by the idea of the Future-Proof Your-Home Survey but still have some questions?

The Future-Proof-Your-Home Survey Includes

A Virtual consultation (up to 90 minutes).
Client supplies photos of their home as requested prior to the consultation.
Client completes the Survey Questionnaire prior to consultation.
Client receives a customized report of recommended updates and suggestions for redesign features and possible remodel projects where appropriate, that can be made to their home tailored to their lifestyle, listed by room (1 room in depth or up to 3 rooms; more rooms can be addressed in additional calls).
Client receives a copy of Marlene’s comprehensive Guide to Decluttering Your Home. 
Client also has access to a recording of the Survey Call so they can review the Consultation again at their leisure.
A list of tips for hiring contractors and other professionals to do the work in your home. 

-- Note that detailed product specifications, such as manufacturers, product numbers, paint colors, or floor plans will not be provided in this consultation. Product recommendations will be generic in nature for purposes of educating Clients and may not be used for any other purpose.

-- No contractors will be recommended in this service. Use caution when selecting your contractors for home updates, repairs and remodeling. Marlene Oliphant Designs is not liable for the acts of third-party contractors.