This Whole Empty Nest Thing?

I've Been There!

In my own case, the way my husband and I set ourselves up for the future was to move.

After enjoying our family home for many years, my husband and I realized it was time to sell our home. It was on a hillside and all the bedrooms were upstairs. And stairs aren't your friend when you want your home to support you in your later years!

After we decluttered our home and sold it, we moved into an apartment for a year and spent that time deciding where and how we wanted to live our lives. There were a lot of questions that needed to be answered so we would never have to move again.

And then we found our new home, with everything (minus my office loft and a guest suite) on the main floor. We got to work remodeling it for entertaining, living and having family and friends come to visit. Now we're enjoying life in a hip 55+ community in San Clemente, CA, with a view of the ocean and a golf

Where do you want to spend the rest of your life?

There's nothing that provides more peace of mind than having a home that's future-ready!

Studies have shown that such a home can help prolong a healthy life. I certainly learned a lot from my own journey--mainly that it requires a systematic approach to answer the big questions about what type of home really needs to be there to support you forever.

Over the years in my design business, I've helped lots of Baby Boomers redesign and remodel their homes, custom-tailored to take them stylishly and strategically into the future. Now I'm combining all my empty-nester know-how with my interior design expertise to help you create a home that functions beautifully for the way you want to live now!

Ready to get started?

And we're both glad we didn't wait till we were in our 80's! A year after our move, my husband had back surgery. Now I'm so grateful that we're in this home, with it's spacious doorways and two steps to our front entrance, compared to the 20 steps we had to navigate before!